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BLOG gTLD Domains Are Going Live on November 21st

BLOG domains are here at last. Not too long ago, ICANN approved a slew of applications for various generic top-level domains in an effort to open the domain landscape that has been plagued with…

LG Repair Service Review – Water Damaged Nexus 5

I’m the kind of tech user that doesn’t buy screen protectors or cases for my devices because I like to think I take really good care of such items — most of which can be quite…

Amazon's New Smartphone – Fire Phone – in 3D

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Amazon user. I haven’t found much I cannot purchase from there and have delivered to my house 7 days a week and as a Prime member, things get even…

Symantec Extended Download Service Lawsuit – Digital River Fraud?

Just over four years ago, I wrote an article about whether or not consumers should spend the extra money for an extended download service for their purchased software. To summarize, if you were to…

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A $4.93 regional sports fee keeps me from subscribing to DirecTV

We’re living in the age of cord cutters; you know, those of us who no longer require 24/7 television coverage spanned out over 1,000 channels. We live in a much simpler (yet more complex)…


RESOLVED – Horrible Ticketmaster Customer Service Experience

UPDATE: (read original) On February 12th, a representative from Ticketmaster reached out to me and was decidedly unhappy with my experience after reading this article. He explained to me how he…


Verizon FiOS TV Receiver Hack

So contrary to the actual “first bog” entry that I decided to leave on this site as some sort of memento, this is actually my first blog post. Why did I decide to write about this? It…

Domain Hacking Using International TLDs

Originally, I had my blog located on what they call a “hacked” domain. I acquired the domain ERIO.US (hacked into myst.erio.us) a few years back. The plan was to create a personal blog…

Fix Windows XP Log On/Log Off Loop

Are you experiencing a log on/log off loop while trying to boot Windows XP? I’ve run into this issue so many times while fixing client computers and it seems like every time I do a search…

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Vector Art

I do not consider myself a graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I am good at tracing existing artwork! In a few instances, I've needed better versions of currently available artwork and rather than bug someone else to do it for me, I decided to sharpen my Adobe Illustrator...


LF Network Mirrors

One my biggest frustrations with the Internet is that sometimes, really great content disappears! It could be because the original creator has moved on from old projects, lost interest in running a website or just doesn't want to pay for the upkeep. The problem this causes is that while many...

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