Vector Art

I do not consider myself a graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I am good at tracing existing artwork! In a few instances, I’ve needed better versions of currently available artwork and rather than bug someone else to do it for me, I decided to sharpen my Adobe Illustrator skills.

What I seem to find online are the right logos, but when you zoom in to see the line quality, things don’t always look pretty. While these versions would no doubt be suitable for small uses, they would not be a good choice when printing in larger sizes. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let’s take a closer look at the SEGA logo, which can be found on

Low Quality Examples

In the first example, you’re looking at a closeup of the letter E. As you can see, the curvature of the inner and outer portions do not match.
The second example shows the top portion of the letter A. As you can see here, hardly any attempt was made at making the curves match!

These examples showcase typical issues I’ve found with just about every logo I’ve downloaded from sources all around the internet.

Game Company Logos

  • SEGA — I created an entire patchwork of guides in order to shape each letter to perfection with matching curves and straight lines. Since the logo also sometimes appears with a white outline, I added this as a base layer if needed. Download not available at this time.
  • Nintendo — The classic Nintendo logo is usually found with a knockoff font that gets close, but doesn’t quite cut it. Any longtime gamer can tell something is just slightly “off” with these versions, so I opted to simply trace a high quality scan of the original logo. Download not available at this time.

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