What is the Ledfrog Network?

What is the Ledfrog Network?

First and foremost, if you’re wondering what ledfrog is in general, I wrote a small blurb about it on my Wikipedia user page, but basically it comes from my being a Led Zeppelin fan and at the time when I created the name, I was also somewhat into frogs among other various amphibians.

Ledfrog.com started out as a placeholder for what would become the site you see now. For a short time, it served as an entry point to my personal FTP server back in the early days of file sharing and eventually just became a redirect to another domain I was using at the time. The current incarnation stems from my first adventures into blogging using the WordPress platform back in November of 2008.

Ledfrog Network

Regarding my “network” of sorts, I registered this domain name back in August of 2000 after having created a number of different fan-based web pages for myself and friends using classic free webhosting services such as Freeyellow, GeoCities, Xoom, etc. I remember wanting to get more into web design and writing, but I didn’t have a direction carved out until many years later. Unfortunately, that thing called life took over and there were more important things going on.

Once I finally got up and running, things moved rapidly and before I knew it, I had three different domains serving up three different types of blogs. To complicate things even more, I began to chop up a couple of these domains into sub-domains to further continue a pattern of content separation. This eventually became a lot to handle, so the network has shrunk quite a bit.

Today, the Ledfrog Network consists of the following websites:

  • Ledfrog.com – The main content site in my network was proudly returned to the domain that started it all. And instead of being just a news site about technology, I now call it the “Blog about everything” to illustrate that it has become a collection of many various topics. More specifically, this site has consumed the following websites: Brandon.me, Ledfrog.me, Blog.bch.us and Arcade.ledfrog.com.
  • Ledfrog Archive – Located at archive.ledfrog.com, this site is the last remaining sub-domain that was created for blog posts and sections that have either become outdated or were part of my website history that doesn’t have a fitting place on the main site. Among archived posts that date all the way back to 2008, you will also find historical copies of my websites that date all the way back to 1998! As time moves forward, this site will only be “updated” by moving posts from Ledfrog.com to their appropriate place in the archive.

If you have any questions about anything you see on my websites or about me in general, you can find a contact form and links to all my major social network profiles on my contacts page. Do not hesitate to reach out for any reason…I love hearing from fans and critics alike!