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One my biggest frustrations with the Internet is that sometimes, really great content disappears! It could be because the original creator has moved on from old projects, lost interest in running a website or just doesn’t want to pay for the upkeep.

The problem this causes is that while many communities do keep information flowing via other channels such as online message boards or websites of their own, there are times when even they reference back to old sources that are nowhere to be found. Of course we thankfully have the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, but sometimes, functionality is lost and it can be difficult to navigate to the pages you remember.

For these reasons, whenever I come across a website that had valuable information stored within and is no longer available, I intend to make a copy of it and place it on my mirroring server so that it can exist for (hopefully) as long as I do! This will serve both myself and any communities I post links in.

This intention of this “service” is NOT to steal content from other authors nor to create a false representation of my role in hosting this data. I will, to the best of my ability, preserve these sites in their original form (where applicable) and maintain credit where credit is due. The focus for this area will be technology and electronic projects. If you have a site you’re no longer running and would like to see it mirrored here, please contact me and I’ll take a look at what you have in mind.


hardMVS was a website that many of us dabbling in the hobby of arcade collecting would seek out for specific information on the Neo·Geo MVS arcade system. The HTML files that made up the site were great resources for those looking to identify a specific cabinet, find out more about the system and just see what Neo·Geo was all about. I have made a mirror of this site from the last copy available on the Internet Archive.


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Trademarks and Brands

Trademarks and Brands

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