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I always love hearing from people who found something interesting on this site! Please use the following form to contact me directly. Or if you prefer, you may also track me down via social media. If you were redirected to this page from another site that I manage or produce content for, please reference the site in your message so I can better assist you. Also, if your request is related to a specific article, please include the complete URL — this applies to requests for publication rights, copyright infringement issues, takedown requests, etc.

NOTE: Please do not send messages offering to send me free or discounted products on Amazon in exchange for product reviews. I ignore these requests as I do not participate in paid reviews.

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    I manage a personal Facebook profile as well as a Facebook page dedicated to this website. If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date on this site, consider becoming a fan of the Official Facebook page. Alternatively, if you just want to contact me directly, please head on over to my personal Facebook profile and send me a direct message.

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    Twitter If Twitter is more your speed, consider following me. I don’t tweet often, but I can assure you there won’t be random spammy posts that nobody likes. I post updates to this site as well as interesting photos from time to time. You can also send direct messages to me if you’d prefer.

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    Whenever I feel inspired, I take out a real camera and snap moments in time. If you’re just interested in checking out some of my work and following my latest posts, feel free to access my photography-based profiles on Flickr, Instagram and my own photography website, Digitizing Life.

    Instagram My Instagram is used for all those random pictures I take whenever I’m out and about. Don’t worry, you won’t find any pictures of food I’m about to eat nor will you be flooded with thirty pictures all from the same event. I try to keep it to just one photo per day and I really try not to repeat.

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    Flickr Although I don’t regularly update my Flickr profile anymore, there are still quite a few photos available to look at. After Yahoo acquired the company, I lost interest. Plus, I already opened my own website where I can post all my photo albums. Either way, I keep it around for posterity.

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