Suzo-Happ (Happ Controls) Online Shopping Review

Suzo-Happ (Happ Controls) Online Shopping Review

I own a couple of full-size arcade machines at my house and from time to time, I’m required to perform some suzo-happmaintenance on them. In the past, when I needed parts I would alternate between using eBay, finding obscure items on CraigsList or using the primiere arcade parts store, Suzo-Happ; formally known as Happ Controls.

Suzo-Happ has an insane amount of parts available for all sorts of arcade machines and other items you might find in your local arcade. So while you might find a cheaper deal from time to time on the other mentioned sites, Suzo-Happ can be your failsafe.

In regards to this review, I was simply looking for a new power supply unit for one of my games and in a twisted turn of events, I was not able to find a cheaper price on eBay. I decided to purchase from Review

First of all, the following experience could very well be an isolated and rare event, so I’ll just tell you what happened and then you can decide from there.

I ordered my part on March 11th, 2011 and the product page said the item shipped same day if the order was placed by 3pm CST. Incidently, I just checked that product page again and the statement is gone! Anyway, I placed the order way before that time and figured it would ship that day or at the worst, the next.

I was seriously surprised by the following experience. To jump ahead really quick, please note that I’m writing this on April 4th and I still don’t have my item! I made several attempts to contact customer service via phone and email…all of which got no response.

I sent rather detailed emails to both the sales department and the corporate staff asking about the status of my order and what was causing it to be delayed. As of this writing, my order status is still “Allocating items”. This in itself would imply that my order is being readied, but apparently this is not the case. Either way, I received nothing back.

Final Thoughts

Again, Suzo-Happ has the largest selection of parts for arcade and gaming machines, but they hardly have any customer service. I feel like there is absolutely no support whatsoever. I’m sure that larger customers like other sellers that purchase huge amounts of inventory are getting their high-dollar orders processed much faster than us “little guys”, but this is just sad!

At this point, I’m forced to pay a slightly higher price on eBay and then make an attempt to cancel my existing order. Who knows if that will ever happen. At least if I end up with two of the same parts, I can just sell the other one!

Just think before you order or maybe consider placing a phone order. Then you can get live status from an actual human being…if any exist at this company.


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