Creating a featured article on Associated Content

Creating a featured article on Associated Content

UPDATE: Associated Content is now the Yahoo! Contributor Network. All links have been updated.

Back in early May, I talked about my experience as freelance writer, but I must admit, I had just started at that point and I didn’t really have all the “ins and outs” sorted yet.

Yahoo! featured articleAt this time, I’ve published 7 articles and have a couple hundred pageviews, but most importantly, I’ve found new ways to promote my content, better ways to write and new topics to explore.

One interesting development was when I looked through the list of assignments that Associated Content creates for users. There was one asking for a story about finding a job in a recession. Since I had recently just left my old company and found a new job, I decided to take on this article.

I wrote it in about 30 minutes and published it on the last day that it was due. It was bounced back to me because I was missing some key details, but I was able to add the requested content and re-submit it for review. I saw that it was publishes about an hour later and thought nothing more of it except for the pending payment I was to receive for it.

I then received an email stating that someone had commented on my post saying “congrats on getting featured”. I had no idea what they meant, but when I visited the homepage, there it was as clear as day, my first featured article!

Anyway, I just wanted to post this so I can help you guys get an idea of what kind of help Associated Content can gain for your articles. It’s been estimated that the site gets about 315,000 hits per day, so tomorrow after the stats update, I’ll let you know how much my pageviews went up.

Also, I’ll mention how long my article actually stays on the homepage!


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