Disneyland Marquee Paper Model

Disneyland Marquee Paper Model

I just found an awesome site that has a bunch of paper models you can build spanning some cool parts of Disneyland, past and present. If you head over to DisneyExperience.com, you’ll find what I’m talking about. Six years later and they have added quite a few other Disney items to build!

The 1989 Disneyland marquee was my favorite so I built it. However, I wanted to make some modifications to make the model more realistic.

Disneyland paper marquee

Here are the changes I’ve made:

  1. Changed the font from the common StartedByAMouse to a commercial font called Kingdom — This cleaned up the overall look since the free font is very jagged and is also out of proportion in some areas. Kingdom will run you $30 for Mac or Windows.
  2. Used wood sticks painted yellow to represent the flag poles — Obviously this upped the ante on realism by replacing the paper cutout ones. I used the standard yellow Testors model paint.
  3. Used a fine-tipped Sharpie to redraw the dotted fold lines to better hide them — There were a few areas where you could see the fold lines, so using a marker cleared this up and also added a little more definition to these areas.

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