Trademarks and Brands

Trademarks and Brands

To ensure brand recognition and quality, this site and everything on it (unless otherwise noted) are trademarks and/or copyrights belonging to me.


I created the AOL® Screen Name ledfrog on July 22nd, 1998 and I have been using it as my username and online moniker ever since. On August 16th, 2000, I registered the domain name for use as a personal website and have been operating it since inception. The ‘word’ ledfrog is a portmanteau of my interest in the band Led Zeppelin and frogs.


Along with the typeset logo of “ledfrog,” the “LF” design is also trademarked to me. You can see this design on nearly every representative image of ledfrog such as the main logo at the top of every page. The typeset contains all seven letters of the name in InterstateBoldCondensed font type with .com appended in the same font where applicable.

The image logo consists of the letter L and a backward letter F facing each other and then turned at a 45 degree angle. This design was created by and is trademarked to me. logo

When the logos appear in color, all text is gray (hex code #E5E4E4) and the design is dark teal (hex code #204B75). When appearing in black and white, all text is white and the design is black. These logos were designed on January 8th, 2010.


The usage of the ledfrog name and logo is made exclusive to and may not be reproduced or used in any manner that violates trademark laws of the United States.

You may however use the name and applicable logos when citing information that can be found on this website or referencing this website and/or its contents within other online materials.