Quick Update: AT&T Dropping Individual Data Plans

Attention non-AT&T customers! If you were planning on switching over to AT&T you may wish to do it before October 25th because they are dropping the ability to purchase an individual data plan on this day. Moving forward, you will only be able to get a shared data plan.

For existing AT&T customers, this doesn’t change a thing so if you’re like me and you have to coveted grandfathered UNLIMITED data plan still in place, you get to keep it. This also applies to all existing individual data plan owners as well. As it stands, moving from individual to shared on a plan that only has one user will not have any effect on usage, but for all those who have family plans, you will no longer be able to have your own allocated data. Your new choices will range from shared plans with 300MB all the way up to 50GB. Pricing has yet to be announced and there’s still no word on whether text messaging will still be bundled with data.

And in case you were wondering, existing customers who wish to upgrade (and sign a new contract) do not have to worry about changing their data plan. AT&T has made it clear that changing your minute plan, signing a new contract and changing plan features (data plans, roaming, etc.) are all separate things that do not affect one another.


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