Thanks to All Who Have Helped Along the Way!!

Bill MurrayThe hobby of collecting arcade games is a small part of my world. I don’t have a basement full of games nor do I have unlimited space and money to get everything I want. However, like many of us who dabble in this fun and exciting industry, even owning one game is enough to be counted as a part of the club. This page is here to say thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way!!

I have set aside this page as a “Thank You” wall to all those who have knowingly (or unknowingly) assisted me in some way when I’ve been stumped, confused or just plain oblivious in regards to something I was trying to accomplish. The names of individuals and/or companies here are not listed in any particular order and since I’m starting this kind of late in the game, I may be missing some folks.

But without further ado, I wish to thank everyone on this list for all the help they’ve given to me as well as providing custom made products that have help make things even easier!

Thanks to these individuals





Thanks to these websites

  • Killer List of Video Games — Find out everything you wanted to know about almost every arcade game known to exist. And just as important, the Forums have helped me tremendously.
  • GameOnGrafix — A place to get custom printed side art, marquees, control panels and more for project restorations.
  • JammaBoards — An awesome store that has tons of stuff from PCBs to harnesses, adapters, converters and more.
  • Craig’s List — Sometimes the best place to find a local deal on various arcade parts and/or whole games…restored or not.
  • Arcade Controls — A useful resource of information for newbies and experts.
  • — The source for all sorts of random parts, new and old.
  • Ultimarc — The place to get the ArcadeVGA card and such devices as the J-Pac, I-Pac and everything else you need to connect a computer to an arcade machine.
  • Twisty Wrist Arcade — Another place to locate random parts like Molex® connectors, tools and other components.

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